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I would highly recommend the Cellfield programme to families where their child is struggling with reading and comprehension. It has achieved amazing results for our son Josh. Josh’s reading age appeared to have reached a plateau and he fell further and further behind his chronological age. Since Josh participated in the Cellfield programme he has become more fluent with his reading and is able to pronounce words better. He is now looking for harder books to read and feels better in himself because he can now finish a book and remember what he has been reading.

Cellfield has helped Josh increase his word attack from 9y 1m to 13y 11m levels, an increase of 58 months! Josh’s word identification increased from a 9y 10m level to an 11y 3m level plus his passage comprehension increased from a 12 y 8m level to 13y 1m. These figures are based on testing him before entering the programme and 6 months after. To achieve these results is sensational. His level of confidence has increased hugely and he is finding it a lot easier to pick up a book and read to himself.

As a parent you want to do as much as you can to help your child achieve. I encourage you to find out more about this valuable Cellfield programme. I am sure it will help your child achieve more in all academic areas.

Jonet Warhurst.