a unique approach for reading disorders

Read easy with Cellfield Otago

triangularThe Cellfield Intervention is a neuro-scientific reading program scientists describe as powerful, remarkable and brilliant. Cellfield is an intervention suitable for those with reading disabilities and dyslexia.

Proven Results:

Peer-reviewed and published study of 262 subjects who completed Cellfield Intervention, AUS Journal of Learning Disabilities Vol.10 - Number 2, 2005.

Cellfield Intervention can help children and adults with problems that include:

  1. Poor reading, spelling, comprehension and writing skills
  2. Low phonological awareness and decoding skills
  3. Concentration, attention or retention difficulties
  4. Letter, words or number sequence difficulties
  5. Difficulty in verbal expression
  6. Suspected eye tracking problems
  7. Discomfort, loss of place or tiredness when reading